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violence in the US
How can we have peace in our schools?
Ending Violence in American Schools

Stand in the Rain has an important meaning to me.  This song was played in the middle of my insanity at a very low point in my life.  Four young girls did a skit on the song as it was played.  Two of the girls played demons fighting this other young lady.  The forth character was a good angel that was protecting her and keeping the young Christian from falling to the ground under the demonic attacks.  I really needed that strengthening at that time because a very evil pastor who was also my care taker was taking all of my money.  He succeeded in taking all my money, sending me back to prison, and making me homeless until my parents stepped in to help me out.  After dealing with more insanity to the point the police were tired of me and ready to send me back to a lock up facility for life, I finally got my medications straightened out.  amen
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