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Check out the following link for Christian teachings for children.  Note this is a site I created and parental guidance should be used first.  I deal with certain issues children may face such as what I faced as a child and or issues that are real but may need an adult to explain.  The thing is I deal with a more serious side of God one that is loving but also a real God that has a serious side too.  I think often times we create a feel good God and try to teach that all is permissible but even children have a responsibility though few churches will ever preach this.  God wants a strong family unit and a lot of that starts with children obeying their parents.  This also speaks to adults because God needs fathers not dead beat dads or mothers using drugs and having multiple dads living on welfare for the dollar on how many children they can have.  Click here if you don't hate me for the truth.
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When I was growing up I was never popular. For a time and in certain grades the teachers hated me and made fun of me in front of other students.  One teacher even assaulted me.  During my senior year my best friend became class president and totally forgot I existed.  Since that time our friendship has been remade and we talk to each other several times a month.  He even helps me to understand the Latin Vulgate Bible.  Other not so popular kids wanted me to hang out with them.  They were into parties drugs booze and sex.  One friend got me to have parties at my aunts house when they were gone.  He used me.  Other "friends" used me as well.  Whether you are popular or not the people you hang around can be good or bad.  Just remember being popular isn't important but doing what is right is.  While I had to leave home to get a decent education I tried my best to learn.  After that I joined the Marines, then went to college on my GI-Bill.  Then later things went downhill   and before I knew it I was in prison.  Now I try to owe the world an apology through these websites.  Still I know many will be divided and not everyone will forgive me.

Dale Lee Gordon
Saving Yourself for Marriage...

Exo 20:14  Thou shalt not (k) commit adultery. 

(k) But be pure in heart, word and deed. 

Above Verse King James w/ Geneva Notes

In this day and age the most popular thing is to go play and not be married.  Not only does this go against God, but it creates problems.  For example what are you going to do if you have a baby?  Will you abort it or will you abuse the child.  I know many parents that never should have had children.  I know one who smokes pot and then is breastfeeding her child.  Her child is all messed up because he is ingesting marijuana.  Also you need to have plans for making money to support children.  You can't just live off welfare.  I think there are a lot of things to consider before jumping in bed with another.  In addition to all that it is  better to just wait.  I wish I would have waited because all I had were harmful relations that bring up bad memories.