where is the end of violence?
Welcome to Stop the Violence, a school program site for Christians and non-Christians alike.  Just added  NEW LINKS TO HELPFUL SITES BELOW!  Note that some of these outside links are no longer available.  Not everyone pays their bills.  At Stop the Violence I deal with real situations kids are facing, not watered down garbage.   This is a full on powerful, Jesus loves you site, that people used to say would never happen.
This is a site to steer children and adults the right way from a violent lifestyle to one of peace, love, and understanding.  I hope to lead people to Christ, and show the love give you the confidence and love of learning, giving students a solid foundation for a healthy and happy life.

Stop the Violence for children and adults
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Stop the Violence Now!
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Violence Ends Here!
Years ago my violent past led me to prison where several people including my attorney said, "You'll never preach in a school.  What do think you are some kind of evangelist."  I am and I am defying words spoken by not only my attorney and others as well.  This site is dedicated to helping each child and adult discover their unique potential – that they are loved by the KING of Kings and LORD of Lords Jesus Christ.

I invite you to learn more about Stop the Violence and to visit the rest of my site to learn about Jesus Christ and His love for you.

Here is something you can appreciate click here!  I played in basketball in 7th & 8th grade but only scored one three pointer.  It was my only point I ever scored.  I was horrible at the game and my confidence was real low.  I rarely ever played because I was so bad.

(Psalm 11:5)  The LORD trieth the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth.
Click the links below to take you to helpful sites!  I cannot guarantee these outside links are up at all times.  Sorry if you experience a broken link.
Christian Suicide Prevention        Stop the Bullying Now        Superchick on Anorexia        Stop Anorexia Now
Stop the Cutting        Christian Drug Rehab         Sexual Assault Hotline        Stop Tobacco-Use        Stop Tobacco-more
Teen Relationships (note: I believe in no sex before marriage)        Preventing Gang Violence        Stop Runaways
Tobacco free ca
This song to the right I put here to encourage you to never give up.  It has been hard for me often times.  In the past I did almost anything to get out of the  debt Brock Dale Bernstein created in my life including suicide.  I thought I would end up homeless and on the street after what Brock Dale Bernstein did to me.  I was in serious debt and had no way to repay.  Still I did not give up.  I hope you listen to this song to the right and get its  message.  That message is never to give up no matter how bad things are or how bad situations may look.  I used to always hear among all the other voices "We press on!"  I did not want to press on I wanted to simply role over and die.  The LORD showed me in a dream July 22, 2013 that I will be richly rewarded even with a loving wife.  I never gave up not even on these websites, amen...!
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What to do when God doesn't answer your prayers.
(Note to Self!)
I find sometimes in life God doesn't always answer your prayers.  So what do we do?  I know I throw a temper tantrum but in due time find myself returning to the LORD.  There is scriptural evidence about this but you have to go back several hundred years to the time honored Geneva Bible specifically the side notes.  Verse taken from King James AV.  

Deu 7:22  And the LORD thy God will put out those nations before thee by little and little: thou mayest not consume them at once, lest the (i) beasts of the field increase upon thee. 

(i) It is to your advantage that God does not accomplish his promise as soon as you would wish. 

Here's a site that may help you out.  http://selfinjury.com/  You may even think a man like me has all his duckies in order but let me tell you they ain't always quacking on eight cylinders.  My sanity has only been reasonably stable since 2011.  Some of these sites were written before that which means I wrote under severe mental duress.  I don't know if anyone will enjoy these sites once I get a top position in the search engines, but I hope you can at least see the labor of love I have put into all of this.  As of right now July 22, 2013 I write and do background work on these sites completely by faith.  I get no visitors except my own clicks when I come to this site for review.  I am just praying God will bring the latter rain to my finances and leave a blessing enough to get these websites into the search engines.  In closing I end with a prayer:  LORD bless me for my gift to you; these websites.  Bless every visitor that they will see the love of Jesus on each of my pages.  LORD it is my prayer that those who have found something missing in their lives will fill the void with Jesus.  amen
My YouTubes had stopped working.  First it was all kinds of error messages then finally I got slammed with no audio.  I tried everything but both computers had the same problem.  I tried updating the Java then Adobe Flash still nothing worked.  Then tonight October 9, 2013 I found my sticky note about Esther Lynn and the song Holy.  I heard it on Air 1 and I really liked it.  I needed my pastor to check to make sure it was the right song.  I clicked on another YouTube just to see if somehow it worked and because my thoughts were on the Holy song God worked it out and my sound works again.  What Satan tried to silence Satan's evil ways were rebuked by a Holy God.  Be sure to click on the left YouTube about Esther Lynn being born into an orphanage in China with a cleft lip.  What some mother considered to be trash turned into one of God's greatest treasures.  amen...
As a child I often thought of killing myself or running away.  I was not happy despite good parents and a good home.  It seemed I had all the toys a child could ask for yet I was not happy.  After high school I could not get a job anywhere because of Affirmative Action.  I watched my brother and sister struggle and I decided I would join the US Marine Corps.  I was a good Marine and good in my job skill (MOS 3521 LVS).  I wrote a violent role playing game.  After the first game failed I perfected the next game, "The World of Total Chaos."  I was ready to go to print, I was going to get married and I had my dream job as a wildland firefighter.  All my duckies were in a row then my violent past surfaced and I landed behind bars for eight years seven months.  During that time and also after I wanted to die so many times but let me tell you it is not worth it to die.  The devil will try to get you so far down you will kill yourself but I encourage you to hang in there.  God loves you more than you will ever know and so hang in there because life is so worth it.  There is a reward at the end of this life greater than you can ever imagine.  I love you and so does God.  Amen...
The good LORD does not always answer prayers.  When he doesn't it can turn out to be a horrible nightmare, but God does have his reasons.  In the following verse God told the Israelites that he would only hand the land over to them little by little.  For in taking over the land all at once the land would be overcome by vicious beasts.  Let us examine the following verse with the Geneva notes:

Deuteronomy 7:22
And the LORD thy God will put out those nations before thee by little and little: thou mayest not consume them at once, lest the (i) beasts of the field increase upon thee. 

(i) It is to your advantage that God does not accomplish his promise as soon as you would wish. 

God does not always give you ice cream with your cake on your birthday.  In fact he may not answer the very prayer you wished for.  It is often to our best interest that we wait for our rewards in the end.  If God answers all of our prayers in our timing our hearts could grow cold and our love for our Savior may dim.  This happened time and time again with the Israelites throughout the Old Testament.  Eventually God would bring their temple they so cherished to the ground.  He did this twice and the Jewish nation suffered as the USA is suffering now because our stiff necked attitude toward the LORD.  Our once Christian nation has all but kicked our LORD the Creator of mankind out of all things.  Some churches have kicked God out of church and even out of certain Bibles.  It is getting to the point we can no longer worship our Creator without persecution.  So many hate our God though they may proclaim him.  But just remember:

(Hos 4:6)  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Also keep the following verse in mind:

(Amo 4:12)  Therefore thus will I do unto thee, O Israel: and because I will do this unto thee, prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.


Why does Hollywood try to tell us they are the only beautiful and successful ones...?

Hollywood and the media tries to continually tell us what is right and what is wrong.  They try to tell us living with multiple divorces and unwed sex are keys to happiness.  As they show them on hundreds of tabloid magazines they are people always falling apart.  They are lonely, hurting and empty despite how many dollars a person can make.  Even the richest king to ever live King Solomon ran into the same problem.  In the Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes he kept repeating, "all is vanity."  See he lived that life too with all the riches and all the women only to discover how truly empty he was inside.  Money fame and so called beauty will get you no where without God.  

I find the most beautiful women all over as I walk Redding's streets.  In fact I find it hard not to see so much beauty and it would make it difficult to chose the one to call most beautiful.  Women can be so beautiful in so many ways.  One woman could be judged beautiful because her skin is black while another is beautiful even to her old age.  One woman in particular our pastor's (retired now) mother in law is 98.  She is a very beautiful woman.  My mother is a beautiful person.  She sings me songs every time I call.  I try and sing back but I don't know the words.  Beauty is found everywhere and when they tell me it is some foul rich girl in Hollywood I tend to look away.  Beauty is not in being skinny as a rail but with a little meat on the bones.  So next time you look in the mirror tell yourself just how beautiful you are.  If you are a man tell the mirror how handsome you are.  God knows you are beautiful just the way you are.  Just think if you say you are ugly you are then saying God is a bad artist.  amen...

For prayers for deliverance concerning demonic warfare click here! Yes Christians can be possessed. I am still being delivered!
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